Everything you need to Just-Train! Just-Train kit is a complete, portable fitness solution combining workout tools with online fitness resources. Just-Train kit has everything you need for a total body workout and comes in a sleek bag for workouts anytime, anywhere! 

Kit Includes:

Just-Train Jump Rope: This rope includes a plastic handle and an adjustable 10ft 2.38mm diameter PVC coated cable.  The handles are made of high-grade plastic with 4 hi-precision ball bearings per rope. The tapered handles allow for easy grip. This is truly one of the fastest speed ropes on the market.

Just-Train Gliders: Great for performing lower- and upper-body slide board-style exercises. Dense, foam-padded top surface offers secure foot and hand placement; plastic bottom slides smoothly on carpet or a foam covered plastic bottom for wood floors. Lightweight and portable. Come as a pair.

Just-Train Tubing Kit: One each X-Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, and X-Heavy sheathed resistance tube. Sheathing provides safest tubing experience possible by helping to prevent breakage, built in stretch limiter, and prevents wear and tear on the tubing. The kit also includes one pair of high-quality rubber over-molded handles, one pair of padded ankle straps, and one door anchor. 

XD RevRoller™: The REVROLLER provides unmatched functionality through its patent-pending RevRingstm design, allowing for a smooth range of motion and deep tissue penetration. Unlike some nubby rollers that move in a jerky motion, the RevRingstm located on both ends of the roller glide easily for enhanced control. Durable construction made of nonporous high-density foam provides just the right amount of pressure while allowing for easy cleaning. The roller is 14in long with a 6in diameter.

Just-Train Bag: Versatile bag holds all the above equipment to allow you to move you from the street to the gym, from work to play, from where you are to where you want to be to Just-Train. Made of quality materials with a spacious main compartment to store all Just-Train kit contents. Outside pocket for foam roller transport.