How to Recommit to Your New Year’s Resolution

March 27, 2018

How to Recommit to Your New Year’s Resolution

We are well into the New Year and chances are that half of you have either been fully dedicated to your fitness resolutions of consistently getting to the gym and being active, and the other half has completely ditched the resolutions and haven’t touched a treadmill or vegetable since January.

But don’t be discouraged, falling off and failing is apart of the process! The year is still young, and it’s never too late to start back on your fitness journey. Even if you have to start from square one, stay inspired and focused on your end goal- with hard work, consistency, patience and dedication you’ll be destroying your New Years Resolutions.

At first glance, making any sort of lifestyle change, especially ones involving the gym and health, can be intimidating to those who may be new to it or those who have fallen off. But embrace this process, once you start you’ll see it’s not that scary after all.


Start using these 6 tips to get back into the grind:

  • Set a new goal: Reconsider your New Year’s Resolutions and adjust them to your current fitness level. Be realistic, hold yourself accountable, and give yourself a challenge for each month, it doesn’t have to be huge- just something doable.
  • Get a Planner: Utilizing a daily planner or e-planner will really help you schedule in your workouts and add alerts to notify you in advance of your workout. This really holds you accountable and makes fitness a priority.
  • Be Prepared: Make sure you have the gear and equipment you need to work out! Just-Train offers bands, kits, and apparel  on our site and your local store should have supplies/apparel you can utilize in your workout. Once you look the part and have all the tools you need, it makes it harder to make an excuse for you to cancel.
  • Grab a Partner: bring a friend who will hold you accountable during your workout and hold you to a set schedule- you’ll enjoy the company and encouragement.
  • Rest: Make sure you are still getting the proper amounts of sleep you need so you’ll have the energy and fuel to continue your workout routine. When your too tired- your less likely to workout.
  • Make sure your location is convenient: If your gym is too far that’s just another excuse to ditch your workout and push you further from your resolutions. Find a workout space that’s no more than a 20 minute commute, or utilize your equipment in outdoor and in home workouts!

Stay committed, don’t give up, and trust the process- We are rooting for you!

Just-Train Team

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