Having Personal Training is a great choice for those who want customized programs for their individualized fitness goals, a custom nutrition plan and support, scheduling when you want, and a dedicated fitness professional who will guide you through the entire journey towards your fitness goals.

We provide more than just workouts, we provide a program which will create lasting see-in-the-mirror results in record time, even if you’ve failed in the past.

Our Personal Training program is designed with you in mind. We will create a customized fitness and nutrition program to fit your exact goals and walk you through it. Using the latest technologies and training protocols are included as part of our complete program. We limit the number of personal training clients in our program so we can keep strict standards. Many of our clients travel, and that’s fine. Our Personal Training program is designed to keep you on track with your program by detailing exactly what you should be doing while you’re away. You’ll never skip a beat with our program. And if you need your fitness expert, we’re just a phone call away.

Unlike other fitness facilities or gyms, you’re not just hiring just one personal trainer, you’re hiring a team of fitness professionals dedicated to your success. We track your progress and keep updating your program to make sure you are achieving your goals.

We spend a lot of time working with our clients on both the nutrition as well as the exercise components to achieve truly remarkable results. We will be your fitness concierge and cater to every need you have with unlimited personal training, a dedicated fitness coach, technologies which have only been used for elite athletes, and customize personal training programs for your demanding lifestyle.


Register for Just Train Boot Camp, the four week outdoor exercise program that offers fitness instruction, nutritional counseling and motivational training packed with fun and energizing activities designed to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether you are a beginner, an avid fitness enthusiast or just tired of the same old routine, come and try our approach to exercise and fun! Want to lose weight to fit into that special dress? Need to get fit and in shape? Bikini season around the corner? Join us at any of our Boot Camp locations today!


3-5% reduction In body fat
25% increase in total strength
25% improvement in endurance
100% gain in self-confidence


Weight loss & reduction in centimeters

Improved posture & stress reduction

Improved fitness levels

Higher energy levels & increased metabolism


Camp takes place from Monday to Thursday over a four week period, for an hour a day, in the morning or early evening. You are guided through your workouts by a personal trainer, and workouts typically include short distance running, skipping, ab exercises, focused core work, circuit training, team work, free weights, mat work and more. Routines are varied and best of all, they take place outside of a gym! We cater to individuals of all shapes and sizes, from fitness enthusiasts to beginners, and nobody is left behind or asked to do more than they are capable of. Instead of locking you into a long-term contract, you can register on a month-to-month basis.


Our Boot Camp is a fun and invigorating outdoor exercise program for individuals of all fitness levels. No monotonous routine or sweaty gym equipment, a consistently beautiful environment, and a group of campers all striving to achieve a healthier lifestyle. By no means is Just Train Boot Camp a traditional boot camp – fun and laughter is unavoidable at sessions, and there is not a drill sergeant in sight! Get all the benefits of training with a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost.

Best of all, you’ll leave camp feeling healthier and more positive, ready to take on the rest of your day. Some of the benefits you can expect from attending Just Train Boot Camp include: an increase in physical strength and endurance, an enhanced level of self-confidence and personal well-being and the opportunity to connect with a fantastic community of like-minded people.


An exercise mat, small hand weights (5-10lb), a water bottle and running shoes. If you’re using our Free Class Voucher and you don’t have a mat or weights handy, just bring a towel along.

Fitness Consulting

Everyone wants to be healthy and fit, but most people aren’t sure how to do it. Typically someone will go straight to a gym, nutritionist, class, chiropractor, etc. Will that service provider ever tell you that what you may need is something they don’t provide? No. They will sell you what they can at a high rate and will frontload your program (several sessions) as quickly as possible for as much money as they can get. After that, you’re on your own just like before and they’re happy with the money you gave them.

Just Train solves this by developing an exclusive network of certified health and wellness service providers throughout North America. We assign you one of our very own Personal Fitness Agents (PFA), and they proceed to match you with the EXACT service providers you need to help accomplish your goals, all within your budget.


We’re with you every step of your journey to a healthier lifestyle. . During your first visit, we’ll discuss your goals, budget, schedule, and even personality to ensure we connect you with the perfect wellness professionals for you. Soon after, you’ll have your own custom-tailored health and wellness program. Best of all, your Personal Fitness Agent will be with you every step of the way.


  • Your own Personal Fitness Agent (PFA)
  • Personalized health/fitness program
  • Bi-weekly follow-ups from your PFA
  • Access to exclusive classes, workshops, boot camps, and networking events
  • 24/7 text service with your PFA if you have any questions or concerns
  • Continued support – even after you accomplish your goals!

We use the application of modern science and technology to build better bodies. Our team of experts design customized wellness and fitness solutions for individuals, companies, schools, and groups.

Our mission is to improve health outcomes by demonstrating that the benefits of exercise, physical activity, fitness, proper nutrition, health education, awareness, assessment and analysis will relieve our dependency on illness treating practices that don’t address health problems at their root.

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