5 Rules You Live By If You’re Extreme


What does it mean to be extreme? You’re a badass who follows your own set of rules. These are five rules that form the code of conduct that you live by. Rule #1: DON’T LET FEAR GET THE BEST OF YOU If you’re extreme, you don’t feed into fear because you know it only makes fear […]

Best Full Body Workouts

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Full body workouts are a great addition to exercise routines to increase intensity and decrease time commitment. They are great for increasing metabolism and getting the most out of your workout. A full body workout includes many major movements in order to activate as many muscle groups as possible. Here are some of the best […]

The Benefits of Interval Training


Everyone’s always looking for the next best workout. People live busy lives and want to know how to get maximum results with minimum time commitments. That’s where high intensity interval training (or HIIT) comes in. HIIT is essentially exercising at a high intensity for short bursts, followed by a short resting exercise. The resting exercise […]

Kevin Hart’s Workout: No Laughing Matter!


Too busy to work out? “Ride along” with superstar comedian Kevin Hart’s trainer, Ron “Boss” Everline, for some serious tips to get fit on the fly. Comedian Kevin Hart likes to poke fun at weightlifters. “I’m serious about working out,” he once quipped. “Wanna know why I stopped going to the gym though? I saw […]